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Upwards movement continued as wave count expected.

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AAPL weekly 2014

Because the downwards wave labeled here cycle wave a subdivides so well as a five wave impulse, with an extended third wave, the correction cannot be over there.

This means that upwards movement from the low at 385.10 should subdivide as a corrective structure and may not move beyond the start of cycle wave a above 705.07.

Cycle wave b may be completing as a double zigzag. The channel drawn about it is a best fit. When this maroon channel is clearly breached by downwards movement I shall have confidence that cycle wave b is over and cycle wave c downwards is underway.

Cycle wave c would be extremely likely to make a new low beyond the end of cycle wave a at 385.10 to avoid a truncation.

AAPL daily 2014

Cycle wave b is incomplete. Within it intermediate wave (C) is unfolding as an impulse.

Because momentum has slightly increased from the low of minor wave 2 I expect that this is most likely minor wave 3. At 673 minor wave 3 would reach equality in length with minor wave 1.

Minor wave 3 may remain within the blue channel.

When minor wave 3 is completed then minor wave 4 should last about three to eight days. It may not move into minor wave 1 price territory below 604.41.

Intermediate wave (C) has already passed equality in length with intermediate wave (A). They may not exhibit a Fibonacci ratio to each other.

When minor wave 4 is completed I would use the ratio between minor wave 5 and either of 1 or 3 to calculate a final target for upwards movement to end.