AAPL Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 19th February, 2014

Last analysis of AAPL had a main and an alternate wave count. The main wave count was invalidated and the alternate confirmed with movement below 513.74.

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AAPL daily 2012

Within the bigger picture this wave count sees AAPL in a super cycle zigzag correction which is two thirds completed.

Within the zigzag cycle wave b has recently ended at 571.88 with a small truncation in the final fifth wave up.

At this stage I expect a big leading expanding diagonal is unfolding for a first wave at primary degree.

Within the leading diagonal intermediate wave (2) is a 72% correction of intermediate wave (1), and intermediate wave (4) is a 86% correction of intermediate wave (3).

I would expect intermediate wave (5) to be longer than intermediate wave (3) and to reach down to 484.54 or below.

This target should be met within about two to three weeks.

At 252 cycle wave c would reach equality in length with cycle wave a. This target is about one year away.

6 thoughts on “AAPL Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 19th February, 2014

      1. Hi Lara,
        Do you still think that your target of 484.54 for intermediate wave (5) will be met by the end of next week? To me, it appears that 5-1 (down) and 5-2 (up) are already complete, and we are just entering 5-3 (down). I would greatly appreciate an update on the latest wave count.

        1. I do not have the time this week to update AAPL. The wave count remains the same. I would expect (5) down to unfold as a three wave structure most likely, and that is what it looks like so far. The target of 484.54 was expected to be met in “two to three weeks” on 19th Feb. This now looks too optimistic; it may take longer. (1) lasted 12 days, (3) lasted 11days. So far (5) has lasted 8 days. It should last at bare minimum another 4 days, and probably longer. As it would be expected to be longer in price, it can presumably be expected to be longer in duration as well.

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