Lara’s Weekly: Elliott Wave and Technical Analysis of S&P500 and Gold and US Oil | Charts – December 21, 2018

Commentary and charts of Lara’s Weekly, an end of week Elliott Wave and Technical Analysis of the S&P 500 and GOLD and USOIL, for week ending December 21, 2018, is published on the Elliott Wave Gold website. You can access the analysis here.

5 thoughts on “Lara’s Weekly: Elliott Wave and Technical Analysis of S&P500 and Gold and US Oil | Charts – December 21, 2018

  1. Lara , I follow a few wave counts . Always love the big index counts for Elliott . One of those indexes I like to look at is the Wilshire 5000 . One of the counts I like on that index is danericselliottwaves.blogspot. you know what ! He has that index all over and done with 5 ending on everything in Sept . Usually very close to the SPY and composite . Never really leads or lags .

    First , do you ever look at his work ? Second ,Not sure you would , but would you ever comment on his count on this page .

    I understand If not – AND –

    I really appreciate your analysis , and hard work . this by far the most detailed technical work around . THANK you . a true value for my dollars .

    1. Hi Fred. I just took a look at Daneric’s Wiltshire count.

      I can see a couple of running flats on the monthly count, which I don’t like. It would be so easy to have a count which avoids them and so would have a higher probability. I don’t know why he hasn’t done that.

      Generally I like his work. But I hardly ever look at his blog, because I noticed some time ago that there seemed to be little to no moderation and it appeared to have descended into a place where people were quite nasty to each other.

      I used to link to Danerics on my websites, but after noticing the tone of comments there I removed links. Just checked comments on the last post, and it still looks the same.

      So there is absolutely no way I’m going to be making any comments there.

  2. Hi Lara,

    Well it looks like the market may gotten to your “close” price point today or possibly has it overshot what you expected and is there cause for concern?

    I know the 50% retrace of the Wave 3 move was around 2376 which the market was under today. I think the 200wk moving average is 234x. Do they levels being breached give cause for a bigger drop than expected?

    1. Not necessarily.

      Corrections rarely end right at Fibonacci retracement levels. The 0.618 level is overshot, and that’s okay.

      Still waiting for minor 3 to end, and for minor 4 to arrive.

      1. I’ve just published an updated big picture count for the S&P.

        The short and mid term expectation is pretty much exactly the same, but it resolves the problem of proportion the old count now had.

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