4 thoughts on “XAGUSD – Silver Elliott Wave Analysis – Charts Only – 5th May, 2013

  1. Two questions with the recent developments

    1) Do you think that we are currently in b of (B). If so what would be the target for c of (B)?

    2) What would the target for wave (C) and would that be the end of correction from May 2011?

    1. The Silver wave count has been changed. It is now published on Elliott Wave Gold, usually about once a week. Read the latest analysis for an answer to your question.

    1. My target for the downwards trend to complete was 19.01 to 18.72. It ended just 0.51 below that at 18.215. This upwards movement is the next wave in the sequence; intermediate wave (A) just ended so this would be intermediate wave (B).

      No dead cats to see here.

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