5 thoughts on “Wave Notation

  1. Hi Lara
    Unless I’ve missed it, do you have a view as to where we are at from a supercycle and grand supercycle perspective, in particular, the supercycle level?
    Thanks F

    1. In the category “SPX500 Historical Analysis” you will find analysis at cycle degree. I have not analysed data prior to the early 1970’s so I don’t have a supercycle and grand supercycle wave count.

      You can find this in “Elliott Wave Principle” by Frost and Prechter, pages 158 – 167. That count looks pretty good to me. I would struggle to come up with an alternate that was valid.

  2. Hey Lara. For those of us who are color recognition challenged, would you mind listing the actual color that goes with each time frame?
    Thanks, Mike.

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