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As of August 21, 2021, I merged Elliott Wave Stock Market and Elliott Wave Gold into one: Pure Elliott Wave.

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Lara Iriarte, CMT


“I began investing / trading in US equities in 1977 a year after graduating from university. I was mostly interested in applying technical analysis. It was not long afterwards that I stumbled upon Elliott Wave Theory. Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s I had mixed results. I even lost a lot of money following the most popular Elliott Wave theorists of the day. It was quite frustrating as my accounts would go up and then down. In February 2012 I ran across Elliott Wave Stock Market with Lara Iriarte. I learned more about using EWT in my first year with her than I did in the previous 30 years following others. My accounts began to grow consistently and substantially.

What separates Elliott Wave Stock Market and Lara’s work from all the others is that she combines EWT with classical technical analysis. EWT is a science and no one does it better than Lara. Drawing conclusions and applying EWT to trading and investing is an art. Again, no one is better or more consistent than Lara. She allows the markets alone to guide her analysis and commentary. Providing a range of targets and invalidation points is an invaluable tool. Her work from hourly to monthly time periods allows the subscriber to apply EWT to their own style of trading and investing. Daily analysis and commentary is quite helpful and her weekly videos are the best teaching tool for EWT available anywhere.

There is no “get rich quick” scheme here. Using EWT to enhance short term or long term trading is not a “pie in the sky” promise of profitability. It takes hard work and consistent discipline. If you are looking for a means to improve your trading / investing and are willing to be patient as you learn, then Elliott Wave Stock Market by Lara Iriarte is a great place to gain a significant edge. In addition, the “Members Forum” provides an opportunity to learn from others and a place to ask questions.

Joining Elliott Wave Stock Market in 2012 was the best decision I have ever made regarding my investing / trading. The profitability and growth of my accounts has benefited immensely. I encourage you to consider making that same decision.”


“Lara follows a very disciplined approach to her technical analysis while always keeping an open mind to the uncertainties and different possible scenarios that could be underway. I have found her strength to be in trending markets where she has a good ability to participate and stay in a directional move. Her report is always timely and the user gets a real understanding as to how she builds her argument and thus she provides a quasi-educational approach to her service rather than a black box which is great.”

Geoff Wood
Morphic Asset Management.

“It is my considered opinion, having been a loyal subscriber for many years, that Lara Iriarte of Elliott Wave Stock Market is without a doubt, one of of the most skillful EW analysts I have ever seen, and I have seen the work of quite a few. I have read the work of practically any well-known contemporary EW anlayst one could cite. I am of the opinion that Lara is the best. I must confess I came to the servce many years ago with a certain amount of heart-felt skepticism, having had a most unhappy experience with another service. I was immediately struck by how objective and methodical Lara’s analysis was, and also how accurate! Her price targets were absolutely phenomenal in their precision, and I was actually subscribing to the service for quite some time before I realized how much money I was leaving on the table by not paying close attention to her price targets! Clearly no analyst is always 100% correct, and one of Lara’s most admirable qualities as an analyst is her remarkable ability to quickly pivot to the right count on those rare occasions when a published main count has been invalidated. In fact it was her willingness to provide alternate counts that initially made me so confident of her objectivity. I can recommend this service with absolute confidence and a high degree of enthisiasm as a very happy, long-time subscriber. Whatever your style of trading, Lara will keep you on the right side of the trend!”


“Well first , the service is great. The analysis is very understandable and vey educational.I have used the daily and hourly chart work every day in my trading.

I have used other elliott wave providers and they have not been as clear and unbiased as Lara. This is true elliott wave analysis.

I have been long this market much longer because I am prepared everyday with a plan for trading.

This analysis is spot on , and the trading targets and support levels have been perfect.

I trade with much more confidence then ever . I no longer react to the market , i see the charts and plan my trades.

Thanks you Lara”


“Lara’s comprehensive daily analysis of the S&P500 stock index is superlative. Her Elliott Wave analysis provides detailed coverage of alternative wave counts at all time frames down to hourly, and is the high quality such analysis in the industry. When combined with her multi-time frame comprehensive technical analysis, I as a trader am armed with incredibly valuable market roadmaps, complete with key targets, invalidations, and most critically, of potential market turns. For short, intermediate or long-term trading, the information is of extraordinary value. I have tremendous confidence entering every market trading day due to Lara’s continuous and rigorous analysis.”

Kevin Morgan,
Private Professional Trader

“I have been a professional investor for over 20 years and I am a Chartered Market Technician. Over the last 20 years, I have subscribed to and read research from some of the biggest technical and fundamental analysts in the business. In 20 years, I have not found anyone that is as clear, concise and accurate as Lara. I have been a subscriber of her work for about a year. In that time, her calls, while not always right on, have been remarkably accurate. By far, she has been the most accurate analyst that I follow. Better yet, she is extremely clear as to her opinion and targets, unlike some analysts who are so vague that they leave you wondering if they are bullish or bearish. Her analysis has become a vital tool for me and my clients and I could not recommend her more.

If you are an investor, you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not follow this lady’s work.”


“Like most I spent my first few investing years studying, testing, trying to find the “System” that works. Then I came to the conclusion that there is no such “System” but there is a “Cocktail” of Analytical tools that does work for me. I find Elliot Wave mixes very nicely in my “Unique Cocktail” along with about 8 other tools. But I found that Elliot Wave is overly time consuming at this point in my busy life to master on my own. I chose to start reading and following other Elliot Wave Analysts as a result. When I came across Lara, I felt that I had stuck gold and I still do. I have been with Lara for four months now and she has proven to be very a passionate, reliable, capable, and best of all a calm, cool and collected person.

I trust her explicitly!”

Gregg Thompson

“My main trading instrument is the DAX and I usually prepare daily counts for it. Since the US markets often play the leading role, I have to consider them, too. Laras daily counts of the S&P500 are precise and clear, so that I am completely informed about main and alternative counts in about 5-10 minutes. That saves me a lot of time. Thank you, Lara.”


“I was recommended by a friend familiar with Elliott Waves to subscribe to Lara’s site for my interest in SP500 and EURUSD. I have been a subscriber ever since for several years now, and even though she has sold the currency site, she remains as advisor and I stay on a subscriber there as well.

EW analysis is not as objective as made out to be. Lara is very decisive of her main and alternative counts and targets, and she state her reasons clearly. Her charts and counts are very clear, her presentation excellent. Her email updates never fail to arrive.

I think she is very smart, and has good instincts, maybe because of her experience in the currency market. Her site is very generous; she has EW counts for Apple, Gold, Oil, etc, for her members. This is really appreciated. And at the right moment she will remind her members of the longer term big picture count.

As I get to read all kinds of EW counts out there I choose to trust Lara’s count and her judgement. This is very important as EW can be dangerous to beginners.

Robert Prechter has once said in an interview that there are some EW practitioners out there who are very good with the waves counting. In my opinion Lara is one of them.”

Individual Retired Investor.

“I have subscribed to Elliott Wave Stock Market for around 2 years and am very happy with the service. After researching options on the internet I have found the service provided by Lara to be the most objective, clear, informative and accurate of market positions than any other EW analysis on a subscription basis. In my view, it is by far the best EW subscription service for my purposes. I am provided with back up support of my own wave counts on a daily basis for the SPX, and weekly basis for the DJIA. Daily video summary and detailed written analysis with all charts is provided on a main wave count, supported by viable alternatives, with verbal descriptions of the probability provided for all counts. This is simply great backup. Success rate on the main wave count is estimated around 75% which is considered very good for a daily EW service. But I do not use the service with a ‘follow you’ approach. Often I have gone against Lara’s analysis to be proven both correct and incorrect. It is just very helpful to have a reliable back up support of the major US indices to assist my own interpretations. Lara is also very reliable in providing the advice on time and I look forward to the advice as part of the trading day.

In summary, an excellent daily EW analysis of the US indices is on offer.”


“As a subscriber to the S&P Analysis for nearly three years, I find that Elliott Wave Stock Market is a valuable tool that aids me in keeping on the right side of the markets. And, unlike some other services, Lara provides updates 5 days each week – this daily analysis can be invaluable when the market moves quickly. Plus, there are extra-value additions such as the current set of Apple analyses. Lara is consistent and unbiased; she calls the market as the waves dictate. The service is worth beyond the nominal monthly fee.”

Eugene Heil
Charlotte, NC, USA

“I have been with Lara for several months now and feel that due to her clear video and written commentaries I have certainly improved my elliott wave skills. She provides helpful responses to questions and I look forward to a long and profitable membership.”


“I have been a subscriber for about 6 weeks and quite frankly, I have found your work to be pretty amazing. Certainly your near term outlook is very helpful, but I would also be interested in seeing your “larger” count. Again, thank you for all of your outstanding work.”

United States

“Before joining Lara`s site, we tried following two other Elliott wave sites but found them to be extremely bull/bear biased which often conflicted with how the market was actually trending. In addition, they tended to overwhelm us with facts that only supported their opinion that in the ended muddled our thinking. Lara`s analysis was like a breath of fresh air – it was simple, clear, concise, and unbiased – let the waves speak for themselves. Combining her S&P Elliott Wave analysis with our own set of indicators and strategies has helped our trading immensely and we are no longer flying blind.”

Alex & Sabina
Valencia, Spain

“If you want to learn and fine-tune your Elliott Wave analysis skills, look no further than Elliott Wave Stock Market service. Each day Lara clearly and concisely presents detailed interday and intraday Elliott Wave analysis of the S&P 500. Her analysis usually includes both primary and alternate Elliott Wave counts with probable retracement and invalidation levels for each count. In addition to listing her counts, Lara also describes how her counts fulfill the rules and guidelines set forth by the Elliott Wave Principle. I have subscribed to several other popular Elliott Wave services and nothing comes close to Lara’s unique ability to teach Elliott Wave.”

Ted Morris
Portland, Oregon

“About ten months ago I began following Lara on YouTube as an unpaid subscriber.

In the day of media hype surrounding market movements, I have found Lara’s pure Elliott Wave (EW) technical approach, void of politics and headlines, very refreshing and very unique. Her calm analytical demeanor has helped temper my more exuberant approach to market trading. Each day she provides a completely independent, logical technical analysis of chart patterns and offers insightful predictions of likely future market movements based on strict EW rules using a probabilistic approach. Bottom line is that I have found her work very helpful in my day-to-day trading.”

T. Andres
Civil Engineer
Tallahassee, Florida

“For several months, I often checked in to Lara’s website for the free USD Index analysis. At that time I was not a paid subscriber to her other market services.

On February 8th, 2011, a large and well-credentialed Elliott Wave market forecasting firm called for a market top. I was a bit surprised by this announcement, as I had been expecting some more upward movement in my own analysis. Since I was paying premium fees for their services, I contacted the firm to question their analysis and passed along my own observations. I received a reply stating that this was their best interpretation, all things considered, and that a market top was most likely in place.

Looking for a second opinion, I reviewed Lara’s free DOW analysis and saw that she was still looking for more upward movement in the DOW, ‘likely for another week or so’. That caught my attention. Knowing that the SP500 and the DOW tend to track each other, I subscribed to Lara’s paid member services for a daily SP500 analysis to receive a second opinion of the wave count. Now as a paid subscriber, I learned that Lara was still looking for an upward trend in the SP500 for another week or so – and wouldn’t you know, approximately one week later a top/turning point was made.

While the difference may be negligible in SP500 market points, it is a major and fundamental difference knowing that Lara was an intelligent and independent analyst, not simply propagating the analysis of others as many services tend to do. For that, Lara deserves recognition in my books as she continued to provide independent and unbiased analysis, calling for more upwards movement in the SP500 while the heavyweights announced a market top.

Excellent work, Lara.”

Toronto, Canada

“I have searched everywhere for a proficient practitioner of EW. Lara is as close as you can get to a crystal ball. There are no distractions here like politics, news events, monetary policy,etc. Just plain pure analysis that is thorough, accurate and concisely explained. Excellent price targets she provides have made my swing trading performance and trading confidence improve dramatically. I am very happy to have found her, and believe anyone who trades the S&P with EW should give Lara a go.”

M Smith