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TSLA: Technical Analysis | Charts – April 23, 2020

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Public Analysis, TSLA

It is possible that TSLA may have a sustainable high in place.

Summary: There is reasonable risk here of more downwards movement. A new low below 652 would indicate a bounce may be over. However, expect more upwards movement for the short term while price remains above 652.


TSLA Monthly 2020
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It looks like TSLA may have had a blow off top. Strong bearish divergence between price and RSI and a bearish Evening Doji Star reversal pattern suggest a high may possibly be in place for the longer term.


TSLA Weekly 2020
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For the short term, volume suggests upwards movement may continue.


TSLA Daily 2020
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A target calculated from the last measuring gap is 76.39, which has been passed. Assume upwards movement may continue while the last gap remains open at 652.00.

Published @ 06:56 p.m. EST.

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