Developing An Alternate Elliott Wave Count | 3rd July, 2017

This video is of the process of developing an alternate Elliott wave count for the S&P 500, using the MotiveWave analysis platform, and shows the steps I go through and my train of thought.

4 thoughts on “Developing An Alternate Elliott Wave Count | 3rd July, 2017

  1. Fantastic job!! Looks like a bear nest, as much as I am in disbelief of its existence presently. Banksters would have to give up or sell to give that follow through

    1. Thanks Chris.

      Well, this could be a shallow fourth wave. Particularly if it’s a triangle.

      So it could be mostly sideways.

    2. Great to see how the mental wheels turn in arriving at the finished product. These are tough markets, full of surprises, and one has to stay nimble. Thanks for the extra video.

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